West Forestlands

1670 Maggie Valley Road

Fayette, Alabama  35555


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v    Discuss physical and mental fitness requirements

v    Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

v    Hazard and risk recognition evaluation, and control relative to both worksite and individual trees

v    Emergency medical procedures

v    Chainsaw maintenance involving power head, chain, and guide bar

v    Approved safe saw handling techniques

v    Elements of safe falling plan

v    Approved safe undercuts and back cuts with wedges

v    Approved safe limbing techniques

v    Approved safe bucking techniques


Fees & Considerations


  • Fees:     negotiable
  • Fixed costs :   meals,lodging, and mileage($.50/mile)
  • Classroom:  8 hours, unlimited number of participants
  • Sponsor provides classroom and light lunch
  • Instructor  provides workbook and course certificate
  • Field Exercise:  (8 students maximum)
  • Sponsor provides suitable site and drinking water
  • Instructor provides leg, hand, ear and eye protection, chainsaws, tools, fuel, oil, and any other related materials
  • Student provides health insurance, suitable work clothing, leather gloves and boots
  • Student signs liability waiver